The designer

UK based fashion designer Samira Jasat started her journey in to the world of Fashion from a very young age. Looking back at her childhood photos it is clear that her love for clothing has always been present and this in turn happened to pave the way for a successful career in Fashion.

At college her talent was recognised by her teachers who filled her with the confidence she needed to stay within the creative field. She was always pushing herself, developing new techniques much to the delight of her tutors who recognized her potential. She then went on to exploring different areas of design from art, to textiles & graphics at college & eventually she decided she wanted to pursue a career within the fashion industry.

Her early career included working as an assistant in a design room in Leicester, where she gained much of her initial work experience. Initially it started off as a gap year job but she soon decided she wanted to break the rules & carry on learning skills through hands on experience rather than going down the traditional route & completing a degree. This was something she felt was the best decision she has ever made as it opened up many exciting opportunities & experiences.

Design and illustration remained a passion and Samira was commissioned by an independent designer who appreciated her creative vision and interpretations. This in turn prompted her to return to studying and fine-tune her skills in the hope that she could learn the skills needed to start her own label. Her first project was inspired by the Middle East & this was the moment when gowns became Samira’s primary focus. She fell in love with the romance of artisanal embroidery and other masterful haute couture techniques that she discovered whilst working on this project.

Meanwhile, she continued to gather commercial fashion industry experience, designing clothing ranges and managing accounts for well-known suppliers and high street brands, eventually overseeing the entire process from conception to production.

With the support of her husband and loved ones, Samira finally decided she wanted to pursue her unfulfilled ambition of having her own business & left her job embarking on the exciting journey of being Creative Director of her own brand of luxury evening and bridal wear. Her brand expresses everything she is passionate about and her ethos of producing beautiful, hand crafted gowns that seamlessly combine traditional techniques with modern silhouettes for the woman of today.

“For me, creating a gown & its embroidery is very much like writing a story – every component used will have a purpose whether it’s the leading part or behind the scenes.
I love to create this depth & intricacy in everything I do…”